Recent Events and News for The John Staige Davis Society of the Plastic Surgeons of Maryland

Exciting news! 
The Maryland General Assembly is still in session.  We are monitoring all proposed legislation.  The Maryland Society of Plastic Surgeons (MSPS) still has a group of lobbyists on retainer to aid in that effort, and through mutual members the MSPS passes along information to our society.

The 427th Session of the Maryland General Assembly concluded at midnight on Monday, April 12th, 2010.  Below is an excerpt from the full MedChi Final Report, created by MedChi's lobbyists (Schwartz, Metz & Wise) which summarizes the session that just wrapped up.  Highlighted below is a summary of the legislation (House Bill 870) originated by the Maryland Society of Plastic Surgeons (MSPS) promoting patient safety in surgery centers:

"Cosmetic Surgery: House Bill 870 (State Board of Physicians - Offices or Facilities for Performing Cosmetic Surgical Procedures) as passed requires that certain cosmetic surgeries only be conducted in an accredited office or facility. Exempted from the definition of "cosmetic surgery" are any procedures using local anesthesia or mild sedation, and any liposuction that removes less than 1,000 cubic centimeters of total aspirate. If a physician conducts cosmetic surgery in an unaccredited facility or office, the penalty can be suspension, revocation or other disciplinary action by the Board of Physicians."

The John Staige Davis Society owes thanks to the Maryland Society of Plastic Surgeons (as well as their lobbying group, Alexander and Cleaver) for the promotion and passage of this bill.


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